ESP E-II Horizon NT-7, Black satin, EMG’s, OHSC, Great condition, 2014 model

$ 1499.00

I have an outstanding Esp E-II NT-7B Horizon here It comes with the original ESP hardcase, which are the best in the industry made with tolex over wood.

This ESP is in excellent condition. And is easy to describe.

The body top, side/edges, back and even the neck look the same. I did not find any dings, bumps, warming or Buckle rash or any notable playwear at all.
This guitar shows just the faintest surface signs of use. Such as a little bit of surface swirling a little bit of evidence of picks strrumming. I did not find any glossing marks. There might be faint traces of rubbing on the satin finish but no shiny spots.

It’s been case kept. So it looks fantastic. It plays great I just put a new set of strings on it. The electronics are working perfectly . Put a brand new 9 volt battery in it when you get it . The setup plays like butter and there is no fretwear. The hard shell case is nice and clean as well.
This one rates a 9.6/10 and grades as excellent. This guitar looks fantastic and this is about as good as a matte black finish can look. It’s on the higher side of what I ever see on a guitar like that. It is structurally and sonically sound.

This guitar is a fine machine for heavier styles of music. The 7 string sound in general has a muscular thick, low sound to it due to the extra thick string. Where this guitar shines is the design of the guitar and the wood quality itself give it the articulation and clarity and detail to balance out the extra thick thickness and low end. A cheaper 7 string can fall prey to sounding very muddy and dark, even in the bridge position.

This guitar sings, it really retains that cut and bite and long sustain that you get from ESP guitars. It is in excellent condition and has very limited playtime on it. Probably under 60 hours.

Note that this listing may come down at any time as I am a multi-platform seller and do sell locally and on my own Site as well in an effort to keep sales fluid. State sales tax will be charged on Reverb sales when applicable, so factor that into your purchase.

I will immaculately pack it as well. I use quality shipping boxes, ample tape on all sides. And sufficient bubble wrap filler and bracing inside the box. And always marked/denoted as fragile. I generally detune guitars 1/2 half step prior to shipment as well if needed.

Thank you for reading and considering!