ESP E-II Horizon-III FR – See Thru Black

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ESP E-II Horizon-III

See-thru Black Sunburst

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Description officielle:

Plug in the ESP E-II Horizon-III FR, and you’ll instantly be on the fast track to creating metal-fueled chaos. Featuring a mahogany body topped with gorgeous flame maple, this quality instrument exudes the warm resonance and cutting brightness demanded for high-gain applications. The 3-piece maple neck capped with silky-smooth ebony feels sturdy in your hand, carved to a Thin “U” neck profile to pull off lightning-speed licks with ease. A pair of high-powered Seymour Duncan humbuckers are tailor-made for low-tuned chugs and molten leads, with push-pull options on the volume and tone controls for even greater sonic versatility. Top it off with a Floyd Rose locking tremolo for expressive whammy action and dependable tuning stability, and you get a bona fide killer of an axe prepared to unleash catastrophic levels of distortion.

Hard-rocking tonewood combination
ESP has been crafting some of metal’s finest instruments for nearly a half-century. The E-II Horizon-III FR continues this tradition, utilizing a classic tonewood combination to reveal its forceful presence and commanding sound. A mahogany body sits at its core, imbuing warmth and resonance into the E-II Horizon-III FR. The flame maple top not only looks stellar, it brightens the overall tone — with just enough bite and snarl to cut cleanly through mixes. Sweetwater shredders love ESP’s world-class Thin “U” neck profile, a feature that makes this axe incredibly difficult to put down. Capped with a fast-playing ebony fingerboard, this snappy and sturdy 3-piece maple neck sports the perfect recipe for finger-twisting solos and effortless 6-string sweeps.

Searing pair of Seymour Duncan humbuckers with plenty of versatility
With a Seymour Duncan Custom 5 humbucker in the bridge and a Jazz in the neck, the E-II Horizon-III FR houses more than enough power and aggression for sonic decimation. A hard and heavy high-gain humbucker, the Custom 5 is loud and proud, boasting double the power of a classic 59 Model humbucker with scooped mids that are perfectly tailored for modern metal. Need something a bit cleaner? The Jazz humbucker has you covered, with the clarity and articulation required for a wide variety of playing styles and genres. This pickup combination is anything but a one-trick pony; it’s capable of everything from shimmering, glassy cleans and vintage PAF tones when paired with push-pull knobs on the volume and tone controls.

Squeal and dive all night long with Floyd Rose
When it comes to expressive tremolo playing, nothing beats a Floyd Rose. The E-II Horizon-III FR comes stock with an official Floyd Rose locking tremolo, perfect for subtle warbles, screaming squeals, and everything in between. Even better, the double-locking system keeps your guitar in tune while adding seemingly endless sustain. Pick up the E-II Horizon-III FR, throw on the whammy bar, and go wild all night long.