ESP E-II Horizon III 2016, OHSC, Japan made, Nice condition

$ 1399.00

I have a 2016 ESP E-II Horizon III here with it’s factory hardshell case. It weighs just 7lbs 4 ounces.

Conditionally this one is in nice shape. Upon scrutiny of i see the body top looks quite clean i cannot find any marks to single out there, nor really even any surface swirling. I do not see any patterns of guitar pick strumming. So any faint trace signs of use will be very minimal here.

The body edges/sides look similarly clean showing no indents or bumps or collection of swirling. There are no marks here that i can discern.

The body back shows some playwear in the form of scuff like marks. These have the thickness and length of a small scratch but do not cut into the finish like a scratch would, nor are they pressing into the finish like worming would which would be a form of indentation. More so they appear as small thin marks where the outermost layer of gloss finish appears to have been scuffed. I see about 8-10 small marks like this in the lower center body back area. Beyond that i do not see an assortment of playwear. There is no buckle rash or worming, or centralized pattern playwear nor any accumulation of all over swirling. It is just those scattered surface scuff like marks that i am seeing back here.

The neck looks excellent, i found one minute surface mark on the neck shaft. But no marks of note or any accumulated playwear on the shaft or headstock. The fret look tall and healthy and shiny showing no pits or divots or any measurable fretwear. The setup is nice and dialed in and it plays like butter like a fine ESP should. The electronics are stock and working as they should. One knob is coil tapped which gives split coil tonality function. The hardshell case is working like it should and shows some exterior signs of use but no major marks.

So overall i will rate this one a 9.1/10 and grade it as excellent. As noted i found some scuff marks on the gloss finish on the body back. Beyond that it is pretty near immaculate so this sorta balances out where we have some moderate surface playwear in one area and the rest of the guitar is super clean. So i consider it excellent rather than VG but not on the higher near mint side of excellent. It is structurally and sonically sound and the frets and setup are impeccable.

This model is a sibling of the original Horizon. Where they differ is rather than a setneck this one is a neck thru body and has a sharper more flared horn cutaway. This one is all stock, with passive Seymour Duncan pickups rather than the common active EMG’s. The SD’s have a more open sound to them, a wider dynamic range that gives them more of a three dimensional detailed tone then a singular tone. They sound great. Duncan’s are consistently great sounding.

My impression of the overall tone of this guitar is that it has a very fast immediate tone to it. I notice that instantly when comparing it to other guitars, that this one sounds like it has a hyper frenetic energy about it. Notes leap off the fretboard. It has a nice sharp attack to it that is common of guitars with ebony fretboards. To my ears i find that the neck thru body composition has the best traits of a bolt on and a set neck. It has the sustain of the setneck, but the faster attack and clarity of a bolt on neck. The body here is a slightly more radical design of a superstrat. It’s very comfortable and plays great standing or sitting.

So overall this guitar has the distinct ESP sound and compares nicely to any other ESP standard or E-II which across the board are great guitars known for their flat, fast playable necks. This guitar shreds and i particularly like it for high gain as it has this ability to handle lots of high gain and also articulate it well so that the gain is clean ( if that makes sense) has great note separation and distinction to it.

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I will immaculately pack it as well. I use quality shipping boxes, ample tape on all sides. And sufficient bubble wrap filler and bracing inside the box. And always Marked/denoted as fragile. I generally detune guitars 1/2 half step prior to shipment as well if needed.

Thank you for reading and considering!