2021 ESP E-II EX (Neck-thru) – Black (USA Seller/Orig. Owner) w/ OHSC ***Priced to sell***

$ 1000.00

Hi, for sale is a 2021 ESP EX-II NT (neck through) with original ESP hardshell case that I purchased brand new in 2021 (I am the original owner) from DrumCityGuitarLand for a little over $2,000 USD. It’s a great guitar, I really love it, and would not be selling if it wasn’t for some financial issues I was encountering.

Its listed as VERY GOOD and the guitar probably has < 24 hours played on it. It does have a ding, on near bottom corner of guitar by input jack that was caused by the guitar hitting another instrument while on the guitar rack during transportation, though, it cannot be seen when playing because its orientated facing the floor. There are 1-2 other small blemish/indent (mm in size). Again, none of this effects playability nor sound of the guitar.

It’s a players guitar anyway, and if you can overlook cosmetic blemishes, you might be able to get a really killer axe for a great deal (They sell for over $2k brand new)

I’m willing to negotiate and have the “Offer” option enabled on the ad; Feel free to contact me for any questions, thanks!