ESP Custom Shop One-Off Offset “Valkyrie” w/ Roland GK synth

$ 2370.00

Here’s a crazy spec one-off from ESP custom shop! This is an offset-style body, with three single coils (schecter) and a Roland GK MIDI synth system installed inside the body. It is a bolt-on construction adn has the nicest type of joint ESP does IMO — super comfortable. It has a reverse 70s strat-style headstock with the custom model name “Valkyrie” done in a cool font (I’ve seen this on a couple technical house guitars). But probably the standout feature is the top grade quilt maple top stained in a red-to-black burst!

It has been refret with nice wire, which appears to be stainless. Playability and sound are great. Two points of wear — a small chip near the knobs, and some scrape/ding along the edge near the output jack. It has been repaired in black and is difficult to see, but the difference between finishes can be felt. There are other small scratches but nothing notable. In one picture it appears almost as if there is a scrape on the top headstock edge (above the logo), but it is just light catching.

Due to the oversize body, I would plan to ship with the neck and body detached.