ESP Custom Shop mid 2010s – Jet black

$ 1268.45

This is a unique guitar, built to spec for a buyer before me, i’m second owner, had it 6 years.

It’s a true ESP Custom Shop. It’s not a copy or an LTD or even a stock ESP model – it’s custom, made by world class ESP luthiers in the Japan Custom Shop, so price is non-negotiable. This kind of order doesn’t go out ESP’s doors for less than 2-3K, so you’re getting a bargain if this is the right axe for you.

I would consider trading on the right Diezel (Einstein) Bogner or Soldano. Cash difference etc – I also have a Diezel Schmidt for sale atm.

Was made for a rhythm guitarist and equipped w 2 duncan P90s. Bridge is now a Wilde L500L humbucker, but the original bridgbolt-on Seymour Duncan slightly hot P90 and generic hard case are included.

It’s a 24” scale bolt-on guitar cut to the shape of a Rickenbacker 620. Neck is sleek and fast. It’s a light, comfy, bright, attacking guitar more suited to a small-statured player — women and younger players or small dudes will love this axe!

Jet black and oozing style, this guitar is absolutely one of a kind. Stand out from the crowd! Only selling because circumstances dictate.