ESP Custom Shop M-II Hammett (Pre KH-II) 1993 Kirk Hammett Signature Black RARE

$ 2301.18

Here’s a 1993 ESP M-II Hammett

This very rare model was produced only from 1991 to 1993, it prefigures the emblematic model of Hammett : the KH2. It has the skulls and cross bones inlays and the reverse headstock but whitout Hammett’s signature .

The guitar is Equipped with two ESP passive Humbucker pickups,

an ESP Schaller licensed Floyd Rose, Gotoh tuning machines and a thin and fast neck with 24 Jumbo frets.

The guitar is almost 30 years old and has been played so it’s not in perfect condition but there are no major cosmetics problems. There’s only a very small chip on one side of the body, some oxdation on the metal parts (nothing serious) and some marks on the side of the neck. Apart from that, it’s in very good condition, there are no cracks, the frets are ok and the guitar is well adjusted.

Finally, this is a rare guitar produced during the golden age of Metallica and ESP ! For the real Metallica fans and collectors

If you are extra european, please contact me before ordering