ESP 400 Series Tele style 3 Tone Burst, double bound, with tweed Fender case

$ 1500.00

This is a really comfortable Tele style ESP guitar, likely from the mid-80’s.
It has aged very nicely, and the binding has a nice light cream tone to it.
Weighs 7 lbs, 15 ounces.
If you know about these older ESP guitars, you know that they are know for vintage-styling, and this one has it in spades.
I recently replaced the output jack (old one included in case).
I have a feeling that it’s all original otherwise, but I have no way to confirm that.
Fret wear is minimal, especially for it’s age.
It has a pretty thin finish on it, and you can see the texture of the wood grain through the finish in some areas when held at certain angles. 
It’s very reflective, so I did my best to show it from varying angles. I can provide more info/pics if needed.