Eastman T64/V-RD Thinline 2023 – Antique Red Varnish – VIDEO!

$ 1450.00

This is such a cool model. One of the many I’ve bought for review and wish I could afford to keep. The sound, with it’s Lollar P90s, reminds me a lot of the 1966 Gibson ES-330 I owned. In other words, wonderful tone.

This is the “antique varnish” version, which is the higher priced, lightly reliced model with a finish that reminds me a lot of old nitro. Hardware and materials are all top notch; Gotoh relic series bridge and tuners, Switchcraft jack, CTS audio taper pots, Jescar frets, etc.

It comes in a nice hard case that looks vintage as well.

To get a real sense of this EXACT GUITAR, watch my video.