Eastman T64/v Antique Classic Bigsby

$ 1992.94

Eastman gives a new twist to a classic model with this T64/v. The fully hollow, fully laminated electric Thinline model is finished in a beautiful Antique Classic Varnish.

It features a full-size 16” Thinline laminated maple body with a classic Bigsby B7 and two Lollar ‘Dogear’ P-90 pickups that are highly versatile, making this Eastman a great friend for rock, blues and jazz players. The fully hollow construction makes it quite a responsive and acoustic sounding guitar, while the fully laminated construction eliminates most of the feedback that all players fear.

These ‘/v’ Eastmans have an Antique Varnish finish that resonates the look and feel as if they have been loved and played for many years, yet come with the playability, intonation and condition you would expect from Eastman. Comes with a luxury hardshell case.