Eastman T59/V-AMB Thinline 2021 – Present – Antique Amber

$ 1400.00

Bought new from Music Villa in Bozeman summer of 2023. Listing as very good because I left this guitar overnight in my car and it got hot enough to bond some of the fuzzy padding on the inside of the case to the back of the neck. I brought it in to Dan Roberts Stringworks(Dan is a renowned luthier in my area) to see what work I needed to get done on it. To my surprise Dan told me that it’s in incredible shape and that the heat only effected the finish on the back of the neck and a tiny bit of the finish on the back of the headstock. Both spots were lightly sanded by him. He left plenty of finish on the neck so there is absolutely no exposed wood and it feels smooth once again. This is a great sounding guitar, and a great player. That said, I‘m thinning the herd down to one electric and I’m in love with my tele. Aside from the accident, this thing is like new, no fret wear, no dings or scratches. Also the blonde patch on the back of the neck is beneath the finish and part of Eastman‘s relicing work.

After showing a few of my guitar player friends the guitar, once it had been worked on by a luthier they all told me I shouldn’t mention what happened in the listing because if they had bought the guitar themselves it‘s something they would never notice. But I believe in being completely transparent so I felt like I had to. I can assure you though that it is not something that affects the playability whatsoever.

Ships with Eastman hard case.

Please note, I’m out of town and won’t be able to ship until July 3rd.