Eastman SB-59 2019 – Goldtop – Rare Limited Run

$ 2206.17

Eastman SB59-GD in Excellent condition.

This is not to be mistaken with the far more common satin goldtop finish. This is the very limited run that they did of GLOSS goldtops. Making this the rarest of SB59 models available.

If you are looking at these guitars, there is a very good chance you are already aware of how good they are. I’d recommend checking out Rhett Schull‘s video where he compares this model to its counterparts. (it performs just as good if not better than its far more expensive alternatives)

I bought this guitar brand new back in 2020 and has been kept in great condition. Never gigged, though has a few tiny marks that all guitars will pick up from time to time. E.g, small dents on the edge of headstock, very common split knob issue, a few other extremely minor playing marks. The frets have about 95% life left in them. no major pitting.

I feel all pictures taken of this guitar are an honest representation of its condition.

Mods; I changed the Tune-o-Matic over to a Faber one simply as I feel the bridge from factory on these are a slight let down. This issue has been sorted of course with this guitar.

The neck pickup was swapped to a Humbucker sized P-90 from Monty’s. An excellent pickup. (The original Seymour Duncan is in the case, though I can’t offer any guarantees that this pickup is working as it hasnt been used for nearly 2.5years and i don’t have the facility to test it.)

Overall its an excellent guitar that I will be sad to see go.

Any questions shoot me a message! Cheers