Eastman AR405E Archtop Maple Honey Amber Burst – Beautiful instrument with a great sound!

$ 850.00

Beautiful instrument with a great sound with or without the pickup.  Nice playability and a great guitar for jazz or any sort of accompaniment.  Gets lots of attention!

The P-90 gives it a vintage tinged sound. Case included.

Please note, there is a lacquer check (ie a crack in the lacquer) that has nothing to do with the wood at all. It must have been dropped in shipping. Eastman uses a catalyzed lacquer that is very hard and sometimes a jolt will cause a fissure like this.particularly around stress points like a neck joint. It is entirely cosmetic and if you look at the accompanying image, it is very difficult to see.  By way of explanation, I feel the price I have set takes this minor issue into consideration.