Eastman AR371CE-SB Hollowbody Archtop Sunburst With Case

$ 1000.00

For sale is my Eastman AR371. It includes an Eastman issued case with it’s factory certificate. It comes with newly strung strings and polished neck and body after an inspection from a local Eastman licensed tech to prep it for sale. (String winds will be clipped: left them to set in under tension).

I bought it to play/ study in college and it has served me well. Now I mostly use a Ted Green/Jeff Buckley blonde telecaster so it’s time to find a new owner who will put this archtop into proper use.

I’ve looked after this guitar with great care and have kept it intonated and well stored.

It’s very resonant acoustically and through an amp. The humbucker is very clean for a stock pickup, and for a humbucker. It has an acoustic quality to it that’s ‘warm’ through an amp. I never changed it.

The laminate is without damage, with the exception of a very small mark near the input jack that is presented in the last photo. A licensed Eastman tech at a local shop named Boothe Brother’s Music here in Provo Utah, determined the body has no signs of warping or structural oddity. It’s in great shape, ready to go.

Will ship with UPS carefully packaged and fully insured.

I realize this is my first sale here, so feel free to reach out with any inquiries you might have if you’re interested. I’m just frugal and have rarely bought/sold gear.

Most Indubitably,