UPGRADED!!Dean Dimebag Pantera ML 2021 – Cowboys From Hell Graphic

$ 875.00

Your chance to own a rare no longer in production tribute to the Cowboys From Hell.

Upgraded with the L500XL Pickup by Bill and Becky. This is the real pickup Dime used in his guitars, including his cherished Dean from Hell.

Floyd Rose bridge was upgraded with official Floyd Rose stainless steel blue components and noiseless springs.

This guitar is a great player and stage ready with its upgraded bridge and Bill & Becky’s L500XL pickup.  Floyd is setup to D tuning so you are ready to crush songs like 10s, 5 Minutes Alon, Becoming, and I’m Broken to name a few.

What better way to pay tribute to the album but to own this guitar that has the same pickup used to record the Cowboys thru the Trend kill albums.