Dean USA Dime White-Gold/Matt Heafy Razorback

$ 6000.00

I purchased this guitar in April 2024 from Eastchester Music Center. Back in 2009ish I custom ordered a White/Gold Razorback from Dean after seeing Matt Heafy playing one with Trivium. I fell in love with the guitar as soon as I saw it, but ended up having to sell it the same year.

For the past few years I’ve checked Reverb to see if any Dean USA white/gold Razorbacks were on sale, but I only every saw the Korean made version. So I was in complete disbelief when I saw this guitar listed as brand new(2024) from Eastchester Music Center on Reverb. Although Dean can no longer make Dime guitars, they were allowed to finish orders that had already been placed and this guitar was one of them! So I clicked purchase immediately, as this was always “the one that got away” for me.

So why am I selling it? As much as I love Dimebag and this guitar, I’m simply not the same person I was in 2009. It was great to hold this guitar in my hands again, but I’m Les Paul guy now and pointy guitars don’t do it for me anymore. This guitar would just be an art piece hanging on my wall if I keep it and it derserves much more than that.

This guitar has only been taken out of it’s case to verify that everything works and to photograph. The only blemish I could find was on the lower back horn by the input jack. It’s the very last image. There just appears to be some extra finish/paint on the tip and it’s not as smooth as the other horns.

Case candy is unopened and included along with the case.

Thanks for looking!