Dean USA Dean USA Dime Razorback Dime Slime 2020 Slime 2020 Dime Slime

$ 3499.99

Note these guitars are brand new just delivered guitars. Covid has delayed many things in the guitar industry. The 2020 serial number simply denotes the day it was ordered and given a serial number at Dean to start the build Dean USA Dime Razorback DIME SLIME
  We got 2 of these today and they are both phenomenal.
 One ha a tighter flamed maple top and the other is a wider more open flamed maple top
 Mahogany body and neck, ebony board, original floyd, Dimebucker and a PAF neck pickup.
 This guitar is amazing and it is no wonder why these are the finest guitars in the world.
 with custom hardcase.