Dean USA Baby V Repainted White w/ OHSC & Schaller Strap Locks

$ 999.00

Here is a Dean USA Baby V up for sale. Sometimes, Dean’s take on the Flying V can be cumbersome and annoying to carry around for a whole night of gigging, especially with how much some of them weigh. This Baby V fixes all those issues, presenting one of their most titular designs in a smaller package for players everywhere, the compact headstock and body posing less of a risk of smashing against something while still providing that comfortable V-shaped neck, and the single bridge humbucker lets everyone know that this is a pure metal machine, meant for achieving tones hot enough to melt through steel.


– Made in USA

– Set-neck construction

– Grover bullseye tuners

– Schaller strap locks

– 22 frets

– 5lbs 15oz

It’s been repainted white, and it’s got a few nicks and scratches as shown in the photos, but it’s still in very good condition and comes in the original hardshell case, so get this today!