Dean Rusty Cooley RC7X(Refinished & Upgraded)

$ 650.00

Needing to thin out the herd, despite loving how this one plays. Guitar was refinished by the last owner in this beautiful pink sparkle. The clear coat wasn’t level sanded so there’s the “orange peel” effect that’s only seen in certain lighting all over the body and the face of the headstock. I’ve done my best to try and showcase the orange peel in the photos, but it is a bit hard to photograph. There’s a small amount of fret buzz going on at the 10th fret on the high string, but otherwise the guitar plays perfectly with low action and a straight neck. Guitar has been upgraded with a Gotoh GE1996T-7 Floyd Rose and FU-Tone locking nut hardware. Includes original case and some of the original black hardware. Original Dean hardshell case included. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Thanks for looking!