Dean ML 2010 – Brazilia Burst, Dime Bucker, Time Capsule, beautiful guitar!

$ 930.00

Dean ML79, Brazilian Burst with Dimebucker Bridge pickup, and time capsule neck pickup. The guitar sounds crazy good, I mean really good. It’s in Beautiful condition, just a few pics scratches and normal wear, look at the pics. Kinda like a far beyond driven Dime Guitar, but a hardtail version. Those of you who do not like to mess with a Floyd Rose than this is perfect for you. I can’t rave enough about how good this guitar sounds and plays. I had the strings off of it and was going to replace for original style pups, but I figured I’d see if anyone was interested in it the way it is. Condition is great, sounds and plays great, looks incredible, what more could you ask for. Message me with any questions and thanks for looking.