Dean ML 2006 – Dean from Hell, China From Hell, 06, best Year!

$ 2595.00

Beautiful 2006 Dean From Hell. The first and original China from Hell and the best one you can buy other than a 12k dollar USA model. The 06 came with actual Bill Lawrence 500XL, and is built exactly like the 2005 USA Dean from Hell. Just made in a different country. This guitar plays great, very minimal dings here and there, the worst being the 2 nicks on the front on each side of the Floyd Rose. Other than that, just normol pick scratches from regular play. This guitar has the V neck as well.

Very hard to find, best one available other than USA model. Guitar sounds, looks and plays great. Comes with original Dean hardshell case, and will be shipped UPS and insured. I may even have an Original Dean box the ship it in. Don’t miss it. Thanks for looking.