Dean EVO Special Flame Red – Red Flame Maple

$ 684.48

Ahh, where to start!

It’s a GORGEOUS guitar! Well built, wonderful materials (look at the size of the maple cap!), perfect finishing.

Has a Seymour Duncan SH4 JB in the bridge, and the original Dean neck pickup, which I’d love to keep, but don’t have anything looking like it, and will let it go. What a wonderful pickup combination!

The neck is a little beefier than I like, so none of the rest matters and it needs to go. If you like a beefier neck (not a baseball bat at all, but I’m favouring Ibanez necks currently)

Grover tuners, graph tech nut, this guitar is very complete!

I added a rolling bridge, which I love and doesn’t cut my hands, but the original is included, in case you don’t like it, it’s a drop in replacement, no tools needed.

Guitar ships from the Azores Islands, so factor in 2 to 3 weeks of travel, maybe a bit more now with the holidays.

Ask for a shipping quote, it may be a cheaper than the automatic amount.

Make me an offer!