Dean Dime Slime Razorback 2023 – Dime Slime

$ 4999.99

Dean USA 2023 Dime Razorback Slime and get a free Carlino high end tour DIME STYLE strap .

This is the 3rd one we got revently , this one today , we have a listing for two others with serial number a few digits apart

Dean Dimebag Razorback in Slimeburst Finish #3

This guitar was just received 5/24 /2023 making it a 2023 model, it was ordered in March of 2021,. hence the serial number code, that was the date that it was entered into Deans USA build system but we received it today

Flamed maple top and a Mahogany body and neck, ebony board, original floyd, Dimebucker and a PAF neck pickup. This guitar is amazing and it is no wonder why these are the finest guitars in the world. with custom hardcase. The flametop on this one, the flames are wider and a bit more spread out than the others. But the flame ripples are ghostly looking