DEAN Dime Razorback Shards-Graphics from 2006 with original Case 1.Hand,TOP!!

$ 1020.89

Here is an DEAN Dime Razorback Shards-Graphics e-guitar made in China 2006 in black to sell

I already had the DEAN Dime in black on offer this year,

The guitar is not a “player”: it was probably only in the case for years and is from 1st hand

the condition can therefore be described as very good

only on the spring compartment cover play marks .. otherwise no damage..

even the very sensitive tips are only minimally affected … Barely visible

very good low action, completely readjusted

new 009-042 Fender 250 strings and therefore very good to play

original smooth-running Grover tuners …..

Fingerboard, neck and jumbo frets in very good condition…..

the 22 frets were checked and polished

the neck is glued in

you can get started right away: either at home or on stage…

but this guitar is more for collection and value growth, since no more are produced

Weight 3800g with case over 11 kg

with the necessary original DEAN case

A real collectors guitar exactly 18 years old, all original, made in China ( sorry no USA)

at a reasonable price with excellent sound and playability: what more could you ask for!