Dean Dave Mustaine Signature ZERO Angel of Deth II 2 Electric Guitar Megadeth Death

$ 999.95

Dean Dave Mustaine ZERO Angel of Deth II electric guitar!

is in excellent used condition. The only “defect” are a few minor scuffs/scratches that I tried pointing out in the photos – one on the back of the neck and one on the back edge of the body. There is some very very minor buckle rash/swirl that I could barley even get to show in photos (see last picture). This is honestly about as nice as you can get for a used instrument.

Getting hard to find now that Dave has left his Dean sponsorship.

No case or stand included.

Any questions, please ask BEFORE buying.

Will be packaged very well, inside of a proper guitar box, and
shipped fully insured.
Shipping costs, packing materials, as well as
insurance continue to rise in cost. I have no control over these costs.
If you think shipping is expensive, try pricing it out before grumbling
about it, if I’m lucky I break even on these costs.