Dean Cadillac 1987-1996 – Rainbow Custom

$ 899.99

From the Tropical Music Era of Dean Guitars (1986-1996), this USA Custom one-off Cadillac screams psychedelic creativity with 100% rock, 20% crazy, 0% chill, and -10% math skills (totaling 110% awesomeness for those of us with math skills). This guitar, as rumor has it, was made for the UK Session Guitarist, John Hill in the 1990’s by Dean USA, as identified by the serial number under the last fret; Tropical-era Deans have no coded serial numbers, but assuming 1990’s due to hardware choices. This wild machine features a Shadow Blade-Humbucker in the Neck and a Seymour Duncan in the Bridge. Originally, the guitar was fitted with a T-Style Single Coil in the neck, but was later replaced by the original owner to the Shadow Blade-Humbucker. The guitar remained in the United Kingdom until it was imported back into the United States by a private collector in 2018.

More than just a pretty show piece, this Dean Cadillac features maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, mahogany body, Schaller (West Germany Made) tuners, Shadow, and Seymour Duncan humbuckers. As if this thing couldn’t get any crazier, it was built with a BOLT-ON neck configuration. Giving all those T-Style neck vibes with that chunky Dean body shape. Not to mention an avant garde, custom rainbow and stripes finish.

If you are buying for a collector who has everything, are a collector who THINKS they have everything, or are an insane psychedelic rock/stoner metal/acid jazz guitarist, this weird and wild guitar is sure to impress you, your loved ones, and your fans (real or imaginary)… and everyone else who lays eyes on it.

Comes with Non-Original Hard Case.