1982 USA Dean Baby ML Blue Burst W/Hardshell Case

$ 2000.00

1982 USA Dean Baby ML Blue Burst Proto Floyd Dimarzio PAF W/Case 

Condition is good. Considering the age of the guitar is is in fantastic shape, only regular chips and dings here and there. Paint is aged and has the usual checking you will see with vintage instruments. Has had lots of touch ups here and there but nothing large scale at all, probably like pencil tip size ones. has a modified Trem route to accommodate a Floyd with fine tuners, not the cleanest route at all but is stable just not the cleanest job. The set neck has a bit more relief in the string height as it gets closer to the body, action could probably be lowered but not much more than I have it now, plays okay as is but is not super super low action like some play. Case is working well but shows wear. Even though it looks like real amazing condition in pics think of a well loved and highly used guitar.

1982 USA Dean Baby ML
Blue Burst Finish
Original Floyd Rose German Made (w/arm)
Kahler Locking nut
Rosewood Fretboard
Pearl Dot inlays Bridge Pickup: PAF Dimarzio (zebra)
Shcaller “West Germany” tuners

Hard case included