Rare 1991 Charvel Surfcaster Japanese 1st Run Figured Starglow w/ Extras!

$ 3195.17

Stunning 1991 Japanese Charvel Starglow Surfcaster. These are one of our favourite guitars ever and it’s always a good day when one comes in. The original owner of this beautiful machine spared no expense at getting one of Japan’s finest luthiers to work on it for some of their desired modifications. First off you get a superbly crafted bespoke maple neck with maple fingerboard, as the owner preferred maple over rosewood and a slightly thicker grip. They commissioned Combat in Tokyo to build the bespoke neck at great expense just for this Surfcaster. It has a thicker soft V profile reminiscent of a 50’s strat rather than the regular thin surfcaster neck and I gotta say, it’s a dream to play. It is fully bound including the headstock, with mother of pearl sharkfin inlays, satin back and figured headstock veneer perfectly matching the original starglow finish of the body. The quality of the work is superb and it commanded a premium price. If you wish to switch back to the original slimmer Surfcaster neck with the rosewood board we have also included it for you. It is perfect, with absolutely no issues, with truss rod fine, plenty of life in the frets. It will just need a nut & tuning machines dropped in. The Combat neck is equipped with LSR roller nut and the tuning machines are the Gotoh 510 series. The lipstick pickups have been replaced with superb sounding Kent Armstrong SLV-1Rs. Nice cleans and some great 90’s jangle, which is what these Surfcasters are all about to us. The bridge is a Wilkinson VG300. The additional routing was professionally done by Combat. It has upgraded USA CTS pots, switchcraft selector and orange drop condenser. The pickguard and truss rod cover were built to order and are brushed gold anodized aluminium. In fact all the metal hardware is gold, right down to the pickguard screws, which really works on this starglow finish. Weight is 3.4kg. Just moderate playwear, a few blemishes and bumps in the paintwork as you’d expect from an early 90’s built guitar. But both nothing horrendous, I’d say playwear was commensurate with the age of the guitar, maybe a little better. 

At GSG we usually avoid guitars that have had significant modifications but when we heard the quality of the work and parts that went into this Surfcaster we jumped at the chance. The total bill just from the upgrades carried out by combat was Yen 216,000 (Just over £1,400 GBP) It hasn’t disappointed at all. It is a stunning guitar. Plays beautifully and looks to die for. Comes with gig bag and original Combat receipt for work done. This one is keeper. NOT FOR TRADE or part exchange, thanks. All pictures are of actual guitar, we do not use stock photos. NOT FOR TRADE or part exchange, thanks. We ship to the E.U, Europe, U.S, Canada, Australia, Singapore and of course the UK.