JTal Guitars Mod: Model 0028 “Moonstruck by Magenta” Charvel 475 Deluxe Orig Floyd Rose, Mid-boost

$ 2399.00

JTal Guitars MODEL 0028 – “Moonstruck by Magenta”

Body: Original Charvel 475 Deluxe / Magenta Finish – (produced from 89-91 by Charvel) – Light scratches from general play/wear; no major re-finish work to larger areas was necessary. NOTE: Charvel Neck Plate Serial Number 324843

Neck: Charvel 475 Deluxe Maple neck, Rosewood Fretboard, 22 frets (size: Jumbo), 25.5 scale length
, Pearl Sharkfin Inlay in like new condition. Binding has slightly yellowed with age around the headstock/down the neck. Frets showed signs of medium wear but no major indentations or chips. See restoration notes for work done to the frets. 

JTAL GUITARS Restoration Notes: From JT: “Almost a perfect finish from a wear/tear perspective – the body, in the Charvel Magenta finish still shines. There are a few very light scuffs and scratches due to general play/use, but for a 30 year old guitar, it’s stunning. The frets showed light to medium wear and there were a few frets with high spots passed the 12th fret. Entire fretboard was re-leveled, re-crowned and polished. Truss rod nut and threads were reluctant to tighten – nut removed, threads cleaned and nut/threads lubricated properly. Truss rod is able to be tightened and loosened properly now without any unecessary resistance or grit reluctance.

“Original wiring remains in tact in perfect working order.  Midboost works perfectly – new 9V battery added to ensure adequate power. Battery enclosure re-secured – enclosure had come loose inside the control cavity and was banging around when the guitar was moved. 

“New Original Floyd Rose FRT2001984 (installed right out of the box) and intonated to /- 1 cent to pitch at 12th fret. Gold fine tuners can be replaced with black fine tuners if desired. New OFR R3 nut installed (gold). “

Pickups: J200 Pickups in middle/neck positions, J50BC in bridge – original

Bridge: Original trem system replaced with new Floyd Rose Original “1984” Trem System FRT2001984. New springs added.

Hardware (Wiring/Switch): All original switch, wiring, midboost, jack, etc.

Tuning Machines: Original 475 Deluxe Jackson/Charvel tuning machines

Hardware (Knobs/Switch): Original 475 Deluxe Charvel Knobs

Hardware (Strap Buttons): Original 475 Deluxe Charvel Black Strap Buttons

GUITAR FINAL SETUP – Truss rod adjusted for proper neck relief, action set at comfortable height, the new Floyd setup is with new mounting studs within the original 475 anchors. Bridge balanced for proper intonation, action, etc. New strings put on post-setup D’Addario XL .010-.046 Regular Light (EXL110)

JTal Guitars is a one-person passion project/business dreaming up, creating, finishing and assembling the best playing vintage-style, custom guitars in the way it all began … one at a time, by hand and with the upmost attention to detail. Custom creations, partscasters, high end partscasters, affordable-casters, Frankensteincasters, JTalCasters and full “I’ve always wanted to do this” guitars make up what JTal Guitars is all about. In addition, it is just as important to sell these top quality custom instruments at a price that puts them in the hands of more musicians. Each JTal CUSTOM guitar body (NOTE: THIS IS NOT applicable on this listing) uses wood from right here in Omaha and each are selected and shaped beautifully by Shawn Cox at NoMoonLaser