Charvel Warren DeMartini Signature Pro-Mod Snake MINT with Brass Block and HSC

$ 1349.00

Got another guitar that needs a home. This is a killer Charvel in absolutely MINT condition – essentailly new – but since I’m not a shop, I don’t want to false advertise this – but I’m just continuing to thin the herd. 

I got this new years ago, put a brass block in it and a trem stop. The trem stop is necessary if you don’t want to screw up the finish behind the trem. Since this model has a top sitting Floyd, it’s really easy to have those string screws dig into the body, with the trem stop, you don’t have to worry about that. The finish is absolute perfect, not a pick mark to be found (check the pics).

This thing is a great super Strat to be sure. fast neck, low action, no buzz, great pickups. 
I’m going to skip all the general details, because I’m sure if you’re looking at this, then you know what you’re getting. This guitar was really a purchase to satisfy my 80’s metal nostalgia.  It’s spent all of it’s time looking good in my small studio. It has maybe an hour of play time on it – at best. Everything is original (outside of the upgraded block and trem stop) and in absolute mint condition. I’m selling this with a really nice (albeit, dusty) SKB case. It has a TSA lock and all that on it. One of their high end cases. It’s used, but in really good condition. A perfect match for the guitar. 

Take a look at the pics, and if you need more, by all means, let me know.  This is a great opportunity to grab essentially a new Snake for a few hundred cheaper – and with a great case and upgrades. 
Please, check out my feedback.  I refinish guitars and will sell them on Ebay and reverb, and of course, I do direct orders too. But many people have purchased from me -not just refinishes, but just really nice guitars I’ve acquired over the years that seem to make the temporary pit stop in my collection – and I’m super proud of my 100% feedback rating (on both sites).  
I only ship Continental US. Thanks for checking it out.