Charvel USA Select San Dimas Style 2 HH FR 2016 – Present – Snow Blind Satin

$ 1650.00

Up for sales is a Charvel USA Select San Dimas Style 2.

I hate to sell this thing – I really do. I went on a bit of a spending spree back around Christmas and bought several new Charvels, including another USA Select. I fancy the color on the other one slightly more, but they both play fantastic. It’s really comes down completely to aesthetic preference.

I’m going to post the stock specs from Charvel at the end, but this guitar was modified apparently by someone who knew what they were doing. The electronics are all still factory (which is good – I love the DiMarzio combo in these). However, the previous owner replaced the nut clamps, nut clamp screws, saddles, string lock insert blacks, and string lock screws with titanium equivalents. They also replaced the trem block with a larger, brass trem block and what I believe are heavy duty silent springs. There is also a tremolo stop back there – one of those that uses a screw and nut so it actually works (looking at you Tremol-No). It also has Schaller-style locking strap buttons.

I’m not pricing these as “upgrades.” I feel like that is a bit of a weasel word, but I do think these were smart aftermarket additions that make a lot of sense and also wanted to be transparent about them. They also give the guitar a titanium-on-black look that I think is pretty cool.

The backplate, screws, and original string buttons are all included, along with the hang tag and allen wrenches. I do not have any of the other original hardware.

The only cosmetic defect on the entire guitar is one ding on the upper bout. Please see in pictures. Otherwise, it’s very clean.

Having owned one of the original USA Pro Mod San Dimas Style 2 runs from 2008, I frankly think these USA selects are better guitars, and those were great. It has an absolute slab of rosewood for the fingerboard, and you don’t have to loosen/remove the neck to make truss rod adjustments.

Now for the original specs from Charvel’s website:

The USA Select San Dimas® Style 2 HH FR HSS HT features an alder body paired with a quartersawn maple neck with one-way vintage-style bullet truss rod, and a 22 jumbo fret maple (black dot inlay) or rosewood (white dot inlay) compound radius fingerboard with rolled edges and a bone nut.

Pure tone pours from a DiMarzio® DP100F Super Distortion bridge pickup and DiMarzio® DP-151 PAF PRO neck pickup, with five-way “super” blade pickup switching that delivers the bridge pickup only (position 1), bridge pickup inner coil (position 2), inner coils of both pickups (position 3), neck pickup outer coil (position 4), neck pickup only (position 5).

Other premium features include a single control knob (master volume), side-mount “football” output jack, black hardware, Floyd Rose® Original non-recessed bridge with 37mm block, and more.