Charvel SD 2H 2005 – Black

$ 2200.00

2005 Charvel . Ive had this guitar for a long time . It think the SD pickup is the Slash model . I purchased the guitar with these pups in it . It has an Ebony board . Frets look good , but there are some string marks on a few frets . No dings or dents that i can see . Some light scratches in some parts of the guitar. Has locking tuners , not sure if they are original or what brand ? The guitar can use a set up . It plays well and electrics work . Action is a bit high . Neck is thin and fast . Case is a Fender and fits the guitar just ok . Brass nut , brass trem with arm . Selling off my collection a few at a time . Im not accepting returns. Please ask questions if you need to . These are good guitars but havent been played much and never gigged out with them . Accepting PAY PAL only . Thanks