Charvel Pro-Mod So-Cal SC1 HH FR in Vintage White

$ 999.99

Eastport Music Scene presents the Charvel Pro-Mod So-Cal SC1 HH FR in Vintage White. This Charvel is really cool and classy with the Glossy Vintage White finish. The Vintage White is rich and the white pickguard, white pick-ups really set it off nicely. It has an amazing 22 Fret, 12″-16″ compound radius Maple Fingerboard on a Charvel Maple Neck. It is so comfortable to play and gets better with age. Seasoned Charvel players know about that great feel of a perfectly broken in Maple Charvel neck. Like fine wine, better with time. Spectacular and indescribable in terms of greatness!!!! O.K. so we have real Seymour Duncan Pups (pick-ups) in this beauty. A Distortion TB-6 Humbucker in the bridge and an SH-6N Humbucker in the neck position, both can be “coil tapped” for single coil sounds. It also features a Floyd Rose double locking Tremolo System and Heel Mounted Truss Rod Adjustment along with Chrome hardware. The volume knob is a push-pull for the coil tapping feature and the tone knob is a “No Load”. “No Load” means you can experience your pick-ups in the raw for their natural sound by disengaging the tone control. An awesome Charvel with a slight Vintage feel due to it’s color. Enjoy!
Eastport Music Scene is an authorized Charvel dealer. The instrument you are looking at is new and the actual instrument you will receive.  Should you have any questions about this listing, or any of the other products that Eastport Music Scene offers, please contact us directly. Thanks