Charvel Pro-Mod So-Cal – FU Tone bridge, Hipshot tuners, Upgrades!

$ 800.00

Selling an awesome Charvel So CAl here, set up 10-46 in drop Eb and ready for all the Van Halen your fingers can handle.

Stock but has some very very nice upgrades, listed here:

Hipshot open gear locking tuners

FU-Tone Floyd Rose (BIG Upgrade)

Big Brass Block

Noiseless Trem Springs

Trem setter (for string changes)

Red Bishop Magick Trem arm – so you can get your trem arm perfectly tight, no wobbles at all.

Probably $500 in upgrades here, plus it comes with a gig bag. The only defects are some minor scuffing on the neck pickup, but you’ll never notice it unless you get right up close, and it doesn’t affect play at all. This thing rips!