Charvel Pro-Mod So Cal 2008 Black

$ 2000.00

Hello, this is a 2008 or possibly 2009 Charvel Pro Mod So Cal model. It’s the best neck I’ve ever played. Made in USA Charvel. It’s definitely used, but everything works perfectly. The first week of March, 2023, I had the frets recrowned, leveled and polished, back of headstock refinished, the volume pot was upgraded to a Seymour Duncan YJM pot and volume knob, new input Jack, all new black screws, new trem springs. DiMarzio Tone Zone pickup in the bridge and an Evolution in the neck position. Floyd Rose locking tremolo, 12-16” radius compound quartersawn neck. As seen in the photos, the body has its battle scars. It’s not in “excellent” condition but if you’re seeking one of these hard to find guitars, here’s one. Message me with any questions. It would be a great project guitar. If you’ve played one of these you know it well. Good luck and please message me with anything you need. Thank you!