Charvel Pro-Mod DK24 HSS 2PT CM 2021 -Snow White | Seymour Duncan Full Shred SH-10 | MINT Unplayed

$ 899.00

This guitar is pretty much Brand New. Was a replacement sent by Sweetwater. I opened and checked it over just to make sure it was sound (since the first one wasn’t). Never found the time to really get to it and now I need to clear some space. 
These are KILLER guitars. My main axe is a Black HH version of this exact guitar and I absolutely LOVE it. A beautiful hybrid of a Jackson Dinky and a Fender Strat. 

Order soon and get it in time for Christmas!
Charvel Pro-Mod DK24 HSS Features:

  • Iconic alder Dinky body shape for unlimited fret access
  • Fast and stable caramelized maple speed neck
  • Heel-mounted spoke wheel for speedy truss rod adjustments
  • 12–16-inch compound-radius fingerboard that’s built for speed and comfort
  • Gotoh Custom 510 tremolo bridge
  • Seymour Duncan Full Shred SH-10 bridge humbucker for a tight low end and loads of sustain
  • Seymour Duncan Custom Flat Strat SSL-6 single-coil middle pickup and Seymour Duncan Custom Flat Strat SSL-6 RWRP single-coil neck pickup for overwound single-coil tones with undeniable punch
  • 5-way switching for a variety of tones