Charvel Pro-Mod DK24 HH FR M Mahogany with Quilt Maple Top Dark Amber

$ 925.00

Charvel Pro-Mod Dark Amber

Made in Mexico

I purchased this guitar as a beginner guitarist in hopes that the beautiful finish would inspire me to pick it up and practice with it very often…. unfortunately it did not. I had only picked it up a few times only to play chords and scales for a few minutes then returned it to its stand. Because of this it has had very light use, never left my bedroom, and the only wear it has are fine scratches from cleaning, polishing, and wiping dust off of it. The frets condition is very good and the setup is factory, I haven’t messed with either of them since receiving it except for the polishing I’ve done on the frets. Since my interest for learning guitar has gone away I would like to regain space and let someone else have it if they feel the price is fair.

I’m not sure of the exact weight, I would say its a light 7 pounds though

Do not have a case or gig bag for it, will ship polished and with strings cleaned, in a box