Charvel Model 4 Electric Guitar w Case

$ 1229.99

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Today you’re looking at this awesome Charvel Model 4 Electric Guitar! A blast from the past. They don’t make these anymore. This has been our store owners personal guitar for sometime. Sounds and plays great! Fully functional. Straight neck.

In great condition. There are a couple of small dings and scratches on the instrument. Very minor. The saddles for the G and B strings for some reason have some rattle/vibration to them if playing. The vibration can only be heard while the guitar is not plugged in. It goes away if putting pressure on those saddles while playing. Our owner has put a piece of paper under those saddles to help, but it hasn’t taken it away. Also when moving the volume knob a strange PAC-MAN like sound sounds. It goes away when not moving the volume. You can set the volume and leave it, it’s best to adjust volume with a separate pedal, or use the volume knob for silly pac-man effect if wanting to.

The Kahler Tremolo is somewhat flawed. If you push down and release it will release to one position. But if you pull and release it will release to an ever so slight sharper tuning. Our owner never used the Trem but just as a regular guitar. If using Trem you would either always need to make sure you pressed in one direction when you’re done to return to proper tuning or have the issue addressed.

These guitars are rare and awesome shredders. Our owner does not really want to sell, but it’s not getting much use so listed on market. Someone will love!

Comes with Hard Shell Case!

Don’t miss your chance to own!

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