Charvel Model 3A 1987 Red

$ 750.00

From the era of great Japanese guitars still highly sought after. I present you  a Charvel Model 3A in Fire Engine Red. Constructed with the utmose precision and quality craftsmanship, this legend of the Shredding years is ready to rip some faces off with power and elegance. It did not come to me with a JT6 tremolo, but with knock off Floyd Rose. Just happened to have the JT6 lying around. A previous owner installed a bolt on nut and drilled two holes in the neck right below the head. I have filled these holes and reinforced with some tiny dowls and installed the behind the nut locking retainer. It came to me with the Seymour Duncan distortion pickups and coil tapped push pull volume knob. It as its share of bumps and bruises, but primarily on the back (few in the front) having no effect on the tremendous sound produced by this mayhem machine!