Charvel Model 2 1H 1987-1988

$ 695.00

Charvel Model 2 from 1987-1988. In much better shape than most Model 2s that I’ve owned. The setup was really easy, and thats always a good sign for a well taken care of guitar.

More information;

  • Original JT6 Tremolo
  • J90C Bridge pickup
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Scale Length: 25.59 inch (650 mm)
  • 22 Frets

I do a basic setup on the guitars I sell:

  • Clean the entire body
  • Clean and oil (rosewood or ebony only) the fretboard
  • Polish the frets
  • Put on fresh strings: Ernie Ball Super Slinky 9’s on 9/15/23
  • Tune to E Standard
  • I set the bridge level with body
  • Set the bridge/string height
  • Set the bridge pickup height
  • Adjust truss rod if necessary
  • I do not stretch the strings, set the intonation, or tighten the 3 lock nuts
  • I always loosen the strings for shipping
  • Special care is given to protect the headstock
  • Guitars I ship without a case get completely bubble wrapped, and then surrounded by padding inside the guitar shipping box.
  • I use Fragile stickers and draw arrows on the box so the carrier does not transport upside down.
  • I always ship with Reverb’s Safe Shipping option via UPS Ground.

The majority find my setups to be just right, and playable without any professional intervention. This setup may not be to you specifications, however. If it does not feel right to you, please consider a full setup to get the guitar dialed in to your preferences.

Photos are part of the description. Check out my other guitars for sale, and follow me for more to come. Any and all questions please ask. I mostly sell vintage B.C. Rich, Charvels and Jacksons – Please keep this in mind when you discover some random imperfection that I may have missed – Perhaps you will be happier with a new guitar instead. Please see my seller feedback for many customers happy with my setup, communication, packing and shipping skills.