Charvel Model 2 1980s in excellent shape with the original tags and hard shell case FREE SHIPPING

$ 1200.00

This is borderline excellent condition, depends on ur opinion of how severe the 4 tiny dings in the guitar are. They are all showed in the pictures, circled in red, every little ding I could find on the thing. overall it feels, plays and looks, to me, like it’s in absolutely excellent condition; almost like buying a little time capsule. Its in almost new shape and is almost 40 years old!

This is an 80’s (I think 86 but not positive at all) Charvel by Jackson. Model 2 (the back of the pickup says model 2) I believe. One humbucker, volume knob, tone knob. Has a Kahler Floyd rose style trem. Jackson tuners..

Comes with original hard shell case (which is in excellent condition) , original paperwork, tools for the bridge and the whammy bar.

The high e string popped while testing this guitar and in the pics there are only 5 strings on it but I’ll send it with all 6 strings on there.

Any questions feel free to ask!

Everything plays great, pickup works great, knobs work as should.