Charvel MIJ Rick Graham Signature DK24 2PT CM 2021 – Celeste Blue

$ 2249.99

Why this guitar is great:

  • The Pickups chime, chirp, squeal, and roar. Might be the best feature.
  • Fretwork is immaculate, as you’d expect from Japanese quality.
  • Neck is super comfortable, thin, smooth, and fast.
  • Color is stunning, i just want to stare.

It does exactly what it is designed to do for “that” style of articulate playing. 🙂

Condition noted as “very good” only because of two small chips in the paint, pictured. The finish on these is very thin, so by design, it’s going to show wear the more it’s played. (Not a bad thing, IMHO.) Otherwise this guitar is immaculate and very early in its life. Ships with a Gator hard shell case.