Charvel Desolation DS-1 ST Transparent Red 2011

$ 450.92

Charvel DS-1, trans red, made in China 2011. Charvel are mostly known for their Superstrat style offerings, but some of their lesser known models are pretty fun. The Desolation series is approximately LP-flavoured, but with a slim body, shreddable neck and a pair of active pickups. It’s easy to get around on, with a pretty classic fast, flat, slim D shape neck with a compound radius and an easy-access join. The pickups are active, so it’s keen for some hefty times: it’s thick and full with heaps of output and low end. The hardware is sturdy and the build quality is pretty good, it should hold up to your maniacal tendencies without drama. Between the black chrome hardware, flame maple top, recessed knobs, loud inlays and fancy binding, there’s a lot going on visually too; it’s keen to be noticed and get that circle pit going.

Model: Charvel Desolation DS-1 ST
Made: China, 2011 (serial CJC1110569)
Finish: trans red, gloss poly
Body: mahogany, flame maple cap
Neck: mahogany, rosewood board, 12-16″ compound radius, 25.5″ scale, slim shred D shape
Weight: 3.350kg
Mods: none
Pickups: Seymour Duncan Blackout active humbucker x2
Case: none

Cosmetic condition notes: minor finish wear. The headstock has some scuffs on the end. The neck is clean and smooth in the hands, minor scuffs on the back only. The back has some scuffs around the back edge, top horn and electronics cavity, as well as some dimples in the middle of the body and on the bottom horn. The sides have some dimples in the elbow area and near the jack. The front has some scuffs near the knobs, in the elbow area and near the switch, as well as some play wear on the horns. Overall: very good condition 8/10).

Playing condition notes: Neck is straight, action is low, intonation is good, truss rod works. All electronics tested and working properly. The frets have minor wear but are pretty even with no major buzz issues, 7/10 for life left. Setup with fresh 10/52 Moonshiners strings.