Charvel 475 Deluxe ‘89/‘90 – Desert Crackle

$ 1250.00

Selling my prize Charvel Model 475 in A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Desert Crackle finish. ( I say that because I‘ve seen many examples of this particular color,and only a select few could even get in the ring with this.) Well-preserved and bone stock,she plays and sounds as good as you’d expect! In terms of specs,the neck is straight as an arrow,with plenty of fret-life left. And the pickups stand on their own.(The neck pickup is worth the price of admission alone,and may very well be the best I’ve ever heard!) The point on the headstock is just like you’d want,and it comes with the standard wrench holder on the back. Not being mint,there is a bit of wear on the hardware and screws,and a minor finish imperfection or two,but nothing major. The white coating is also worn off the Jackson logo on the pickup tops and the volume control makes a slight brushing sound as it’s rolled up and down. Any minor flaws have been reflected in my asking price. The guitar also comes with a nicely preserved Charvel chainsaw case,in perfect working order,with all latches intact. Both backplates are present and accounted for,as well as an extra backplate that allows you to change the battery without removing the cover.(see pics) This vintage Charvel is also nice and lightweight…one of many reasons why I purchased it in the first place. Based on similar ads,I think my price is very fair.$$ Shipping will be actual shipping cost plus Reverb fees. Tremolo bar included. Serial number#329763.