2020 Charvel Pro-Mod So-Cal Style 2 24 HH 2PT

$ 800.00

Weight – 7.7lbs (3503 grams)

Year: 2020 (Final Inspection Date was Oct 30, 2020)

One owner, in my 50s. This was my main gigging backup because of its versatility. Unfortunately, I’m not playing out much these days so I’m starting to downsize.

Overall condition: Excellent bordering on mint.

Why isn’t it Mint? I added a trem-stop (see pics of the trem cavity), so if I broke a string, the guitar stayed in tune. I pulled the ‘block’ but left the bracket in to convert back if I wanted. It’s a 5 min task to reinstall & set it up. Instructions and the allen key are included. (The 4th trem spring is also included if you want to install that).

Is there anything wrong? Nope. Headstock, edges, knobs, control covers, 9v compartment, etc. are all blemish-free and function as they did on day one. No nicks, scuffs, scrapes, or dings to be found on the body, neck, or fingerboard. Pickups work as designed, pots are clean, jack is solid. Neck is straight, truss rod has plenty of action left, frets show almost zero wear. Pickguard has some minor swirling, but no significant scuffs or scratches.

What’s Included? The guitar, tremolo bar, allen key for the trem tension adjustment, 4th tremolo spring, original paperwork (inspection information, hang tag), trem stop with instructions and allen key, two sets of Stringjoy Broadway 9.5 (custom gauge set) strings.

Does it come with a case or gig bag? No, but it will ship in the original Charvel shipping box, which is securely packed within another box to ensure it gets to you safely (see last pic). Yes, it’s shipping double boxed – as the good lord intended.

Anything pictured NOT included? 9v battery isn’t included. I boxed the guitar up and didn’t want a 9v rattling around in the box. No idea if this will ship in a day or 6 months from now, and don’t want to take any chances by leaving the battery in the guitar.