1989 Charvel Fusion Custom MIJ Candy Blue Loaded Neck

$ 218.22

Very nice 1989 MIJ Charvel Fusion Custom neck with Candy Blue headstock. Includes original Schaller locking nut, Gotoh tuners, and wrench holder.

Plays effortlessly, neck has a very nice C profile you don’t always see on Charvel’s of this era. Reminiscent of an early Fender Strat.

24 fret neck with a 24.75” scale length.

Overall great shape, only a few small impressions on the neck and fingerboard. The most notable imperfection is a small area between the 1st and 2rd fret where the fretboard meets the neck on the bass side where there is a bit of roughness as if the finish is peeling, has shrunken, or was improperly applied. It’s very minor, you can feel it if you make an effort but personally I never noticed it while playing. There are also a few dings and some chipping on the headstock face and tip. The frets are in excellent condition and are nicely polished with no dead spots, plenty of wire remains.

Questions welcomed!