1988 Charvel Model 2 MIJ W/ OHSC

$ 1149.00

Behold! The highly esteemed Japanese craft, brought together by the duo that was Charvel and Jackson at the time in 1988. This rare beauty has certainly seen some use but is still structurally and aesthetically holding up very well. This M2 1H has got a gorgeous, electric blue finish that’s got a faint metallic element to it. Simplicity is its middle name—with a solo humbucker and volume control tied to a Floyd Rose, it’s all you need to get shredding. It’s all original (except the strap buttons) with the SCREAMING hot J90C humbucker (I pulled it out to make sure) and JT6 bridge. The neck is straight and plays fast. The profile feels smooth and sleek, but solid in the hand. It’s extremely well balanced to handle your wild moves on stage or off. There’s a reason 70’s-80’s Japanese guitars are so sought after—they kick ass in any decade.

Nobody is perfect though, right? She’s got some bumps and bruises I tried to capture in the photos. Very light fretwear but they’ve certainly got years of heavy, sweet enjoyment left in them. She’s also missing the locking nuts and screws 🙁 (very sorry). The tremolo arm came with it but I’m suspicious that it’s not original. Nonetheless, it works to whammy! It also comes with the original hardshell molded case which has seen better days. The lining is loose in places has baking soda remnants in it (smells of citrus the previous owner must’ve used to clean it). Two of the four hinges are present and working. It still closes and is protective though. Hit me up with any questions or concerns and let’s make a deal! It won’t last long