1987 Charvel Model 6

$ 2100.00

1987 Charvel Model 6 in Pearl White.

This is one of my favorite guitars, but it’s time to thin things out. I will have others from my collection going up soon. I’ve never sold a guitar really. I’ve traded a couple here and there. My collection just keeps growing and its starting to feel a little unnecessary to have so many. Especially when I play like 3 of them daily and the rest sit in cases and hang up for display.

Anyways, here’s some particulars:

Neck is super straight and I’ve actually never adjusted it in the 8 years I’ve had it. It’s tuned to E standard with 10-46’s. Frets have some wear, but normal for it’s age i’d say. No buzzes or dead spots. Plays absolutely fantastic. Real Mother of Pearl inlays are the best. Once you play them, you realize why high end guitars have them. All wiring is original as far as I know, and the active mid boost works. But the pot (the farthest away one) has a slight crackle when all the way up at 10 and cuts out a little. I back it off to about 9 and it’s fine. Comes with the original case, the sales receipt and the warranty card. Case has a broken off latch but it works fine without it.

What I’ve changed:

Locking nut screws. Original big flatheads changed to Allen’s. You’ll get both sets.

Knobs. Originals are just regular gloss black metal knobs. I just thought it looked better with these knobeeze ones. You’ll get both sets for the full price.

Period correct Original Floyd Rose from an 87 Kramer. Titanium screws and Brass string blocks added. Big brass sustain block as well. Springs are FR noiseless medium tension. I prefer the vintage OFR, but the stock JT-6 trem works fine. I never had the original push in style bar for the JT-6, so you won’t get a bar for that one.

The price ($2100) is for “as is” in the pictures. I’ll lower the price to $1800 for it to go back to stock (I keep the OFR trem system, springs, trem stop, schaller strap buttons, and knobs) All the original parts go back on. Message me with any questions.