1984 Charvel Original San Dimas Custom Solid Flame Maple Amber/Cherry Burst Floyd Rose

$ 3499.00

1984 San Dimas Charvel restored.

What it is: A 1984 San Dimas plated Charvel. Solid 2-Piece flame maple body. In the books according to Celeste back when you could call the Jackson custom shop(circa 2000) as a HSH, Floyd, Rosewood, amber-cherry burst strat. Now you can tell by the open slot in trem cover that the guitar used to be a vintage trem. You can also tell that the neck hum was added after the original build. Guitar forum discussions about this led me to ask Tim Wilson. He stated that “if guitars were sent back to the custom shop for upgrades, then the logbook would be changed to reflect the upgrades“.

The story: I purchased this guitar unplayable in 2000. See receipt pic from Mahoney’s. This guitar had been played a lot. Neck was broken at the nut. Floyd had pulled the posts forward in the body. See older pic. The plan was to have GMW restore this guitar. After some discussions with Lee he made a suggestion on how to repair the Floyd post area that would pretty much hide the repair once PU rings were installed. Basically, that area was machined out and a new block of solid flame maple was put in its place. See pic without pickup. We also discussed refinishing the body after this work was done. The original finish was checked and faded badly. The new finish would seal up all the re-work. Lee refused to try and repair the neck. See GMW receipt pic for the work that was completed.

I had the neck repaired locally in Michigan by Will Von Linsowe who is well-renowned for repair work in the area. The repair has been solid, stable and under tension since 2003. Truss-rod works like it should. Threaded brass inserts were installed in the neck heel to repair the stripped holes. Neck plays well. Still a good amount of life left in the frets.

What you get: A 1984 original San Dimas Charvel with a solid flame maple body. Original neck. Original neckplate. Guitar weighs 9.5lbs on bathroom scale. Original Floyd Rose from the mid 80’s. Wood block in trem route could be removed if desired. It is there to block the Floyd. Mid 90’s Seymour Duncan 59 in the neck. Original Seymour Duncan SSL in the middle. Late 80’s Seymour Duncan Screamin‘ Demon Floyd-spaced Trembucker. Those were hard to get at that time. I still have and will include the original plastic boxes from Duncan for the pickups. Including the two-hole per side pickup ring for the Demon. Sounds great in the solid maple body. I have tried many pickups in this guitar over the years. Always went back to the Demon. Guitar ships in the Charvel toothpaste logo chainsaw case. This would be a great rare guitar to add to your collection.

Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.