Carvin Kit Guitar (Partscaster) 2007 Handpainted

$ 250.00

This is a homemade parts caster style guitar. This is suitable for someone who works on guitars and is knowledgeable to fix them up. You get circa 2007 Sperzel locking tuners in brushed aluminum. A one piece tung-oiled maple neck with a volute, with an angled back head stock. An ebony fingerboard and stainless steel frets (IMPORTANT: The frets are very worn and pitted. The guitar still plays fine and the frets have a little life left in them, but they are heavily worn down and could probably use replacing). It has a solid alder body (2 or 3 piece I think). A circa 2007 hybrid Kahler USA tremolo bridge in gold finish. A homemade pickguard with 2 cheap single coils. The body is hand spray painted, but could be easily sanded and refinished. This guitar is perfect for someone who wants to practice re-fretting, or re-finishing guitars. It works and plays fine as it is however. IMPORTANT: This guitar is sold AS-IS. It has what I would call “honest” wear. There are scratches, dings, gashes, gouges, bruises, bumps, lumps, wear and tear. But the guitar still plays fine, it’s just cosmetic damage. NOTE: In the photos the strings popped out of the rollers on the bridge from me holding the guitar by the neck for the photos, this is nothing to worry about, they pop right back in no problem.